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Security Guard Catches Wheelchair Moving Across Floor in Haunted Hospital

Even the dead have mobility issues.

Of all the places that can get spooky fast, a hospital has to be one of the worst. People are often already scared to be in a hospital, and it is a place with many terrors, and its own fair bit of death. Is it any wonder that “haunted” amusement parks and horror anthology TV shows regularly like to use hospitals or asylums for a setting?

But what about real haunted hospitals? Those exist as well. A security guard doing his late night rounds in a hospital was surprised to discover the equipment rolling across the floor on its own. 


In the video, a wheelchair begins rolling mysteriously across the floor while a security guard films, baffled. It does not seem to be attached to a fishing line or other bit of fakery, because you can even see the wheels turning on the floor. This movement is not a simple matter of gravity or an inclined roll.

In many videos of this kind, one wonders how it is that a person just happened to have their phone out at the right moment, but in this case, the guard already suspected something supernatural was going on.

“I do security at a hospital,” reports the person who posted this video. “The chair was on the other side of the hallway on my first patrol, and on my second patrol this is what I found.

Understandably, this was the point that he took out his camera and started recording.

“This is really the only time I’ve ever experienced anything spooky like this,” he tells Reddit’s r/Ghosts forum about the incident. “Never really was a believer until this happened.”