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Strange Creature That Looks Like a Werewolf Leaves Amarillo, Texas Guessing

Is there a cryptid living in Texas?

The Amarillo Zoo got a surprise on their security camera footage that left them scratching their heads in confusion. At 1:25 AM a security camera inside the zoo facing outwards at a perimeter fence caught a bizarre anthropomorphic canine standing on two legs, seemingly casually, just outside the fence. The camera is motion activated and sends an alert to zoo officials when it’s triggered.  

Guesses range all over the spectrum from a dog man or werewolf to sonic the hedgehog, with guesses like skin walker or a coyote about to jump the fence. One expert even goes on record suggesting it could be a raccoon on its hind legs, although the perspective with the fence suggests that raccoon would have to be roughly human height.

Another suggested possibility is the legendary southern cryptid, the chupacabra. Physical descriptions vary wildly on what the creature looks like, although there is often a canine-like element. Many accounts only witness the aftermath, as the creature is said to be extremely elusive leaving only the blood-drained remains of livestock as evidence of its visit. 

City and zoo officials have asked the public to weigh in and help solve this strange cryptid mystery, and even though no solid answers have been uncovered yet the guessing game is a lot of fun!

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