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Woman Argues Why Michael’s Stores' Spooky Displays Would Give Any Real Witch a Heart Attack

Does no one pay attention?
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Ah, Halloween displays at craft and home stores. Always intriguing, seldom good for the wallet. As the summer closes out and we enter the spooky season, you have to protect yourself every time you pass through the doors of one of these places, lest you come out with a ton of decor and no where to put it.

And, according to this woman, you might need to protect yourself even after you get home.


“Is there’s anything I’ve learned,” the woman beings, standing in the spooky displays at her local Michael’s Craft Store, “You don’t invite evil entities into your house. But look at this stuff?”

Then she and her utterly fabulous skeleton earrings goes on a tour of the types of things they are selling this Halloween, which include a variety of macabre (but deeply adorable) “Welcome”signs.

“We’ve been dying to have you!” the coffin-shaped sign sign screams. “Cancel cancel cancel,” she replies. Over another, pink colored sign, she remarks that the cheerful color does not make the situation any better.

“Haunted Come Right In,” reads another, but maybe it’s more like “Haunted? Come right in!”

Her companion even holds up one that looks like a Ouija Board and says “Welcome Spirits.” NO.

“New conspiracy: vampires and fae serve as home decor CEOs,” remarks author and folklorist Piper CJ.

But don’t worry, there are safe alternative. As one commenter notes, Home Depot and Lowe’s have spooky signs that say “Unwelcome,” which are going to be far better for keeping entities out of your home.