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Campers Find Piles of Shoes and Dolls Hanging From Trees and That’s Not Even the Creepiest Part

Get. Out. NOW.

I wonder how many instances it would take of me finding creepy inexplicable things in the woods before I decided never to take a hike again. If I were the men in this video, I’m pretty sure I would have been out there long before things got as terrifying as they eventually did. 


In this video, a man and his son are out fishing in the wilderness when they come upon what can only be described as a cage of strange trophies arrayed on trees and bushes in the middle of the woods. They find women’s shoes, dolls, and other strange items. What they do not seem to find was their own common sense. “Why don’t you check out what that thing is, bud,” the man instructs his young son, as if neither of them ever saw a horror film before. The boy proceeds to pick the unidentified object up off the tree and confirm that it is a woman’s abandoned hairpiece.

Unreal. When you discover things of this nature, don’t go poking around, picking items up and making a cutesy video about the creepy cache. Run. Run now.

But despite saying on several different occasions in the video that it’s “getting dark”and they should leave, neither man seems in a big hurry. Instead, they linger over shots of dolls draped in tree limbs—that is, until a loud scream rents the air, and the man takes off.

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What was that scream? A mountain lion, perhaps, or maybe something else.Some other forest creature who likes shoes, and dolls, and does not like to be disturbed. 

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