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Californians Report Strange, High-Pitched Chimes in Air Before Deadly Storm

No, it wasn't a tornado siren.
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The recent, intense storms rocking regions of California have been responsible for multiple deaths and brought flooding and destruction across the west coast. Over fifty thousand people in the usually-arid Los Angeles area were advised to evacuate, and thirty-four million more remain under flood watch. Californians—many more used to fire and earth quakes than precipitation—are aghast at some of the more unexpected she effects of this odd weather, especially things that seem normal to their neighbors to the north and east. I’ve heard reports of children hearing thunder for the first time.

Then, there are the sounds that no one expects to hear coming from the sky—odd, high-pitched chiming or trumpeting sounds that sound more like something out of Biblical prophecy than any noise made by nature.

In the video, a singer named Daf Dutra in Stockton, California, records the odd humming noise she heard outside her home during the storm. In the comments, speculation runs wild. One claims it’s a government conspiracy to control the weather through the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)—protein: y’all, just because it’s called “harp” doesn’t mean it sounds like one. Another claims she’s hearing the trumpets of Gabriel, signaling the start of the apocalypse.

More reasonable folks chime in to say it might be the sound of a tornado, which does indeed sometimes give off a high pitched moan, like an oncoming train, or even just distant tornado sirens.

And though Stockton is pretty far inland, residents of San Francisco have also been reporting annoying hums and moans coming from their iconic Golden Gate Bridge, a phenomenon that occasionally happens in storms and due to wind interacting with slats on the bridge. 

It’s possible that another building nearby Dutra has a similarly….um, musical… design.

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