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Brazilian Woman Filming Waterfall Shocked When Human Figure Emerges From the Spray

Is there a portal under there?

Waterfalls are places of magic and mystery. Many cultures have myths and legends about waterfalls being portals other realms, about magical lands or other dimensions hiding behind the spray of a waterfall. Some UFO enthusiasts actually think that the crafts we spot in the sky are not actually extraterrestrial after all, but rather, visitors from another realm that’s either hidden within the Earth or has portals hiding in mountains, waterfalls, and under the sea.

Did a tourist filming a waterfall in Brazil catch video of one of these people materializing the spray?

In the video, a woman is filming a beautiful wilderness scene, complete with picturesque waterfall, when a dark, humanoid figure appears to materialize in front of the water, and then vanish just as quickly. She keeps filming, and the figure briefly appears one more time in the raging whitewater.

What is going on? It’s difficult to tell from this video, which, as one comment jokes, is of the variety that always seems to be taken on the shakiest, most low-resolution camera possible, like Bigfoot videos or shots of UFOs. Maybe it is a person. Maybe it’s only a shadow.

What is most likely is that this is a case of pareidolia, which is a cognitive phenomenon that causes our brains, which are pattern-recognizing machines, to see patterns and faces in things that are nothing more than shadows on a rock face, or shapes made in waterfalls when a foreign body is passing through the stream and momentarily changing the flow.

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