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This Theory About God Being Water Is Absolutely Mind-Blowing

We could get down with this...

As poet Stephanie Strickland once wrote, “Poems are words that take you through three kinds of doors: closed doors, secret doors, and doors you don’t know are there.” Such is certainly the case for this TikTok poet, who ruminates stunningly on the concept of the divine in response to this seemingly off the cuff question, “What if Water was God?”


TikTok poet fatalprosellc has a take on the concept of God that opened doors in my mind in this video, in which he argues that if the divine is truly water, then it explains why God is in us and around us, why God is above us and below us, and why worship of the divine can take on so many forms, as water holds the shape of whatever container it is placed into.

This is heady stuff indeed. The Native American Mní Wičóni movement (“Water is Life”), most well known at present for the protests at Standing Rock in the Dakotas, also argues for the sacred divinity of water and its paramount importance to all life on Earth. Like this poet, they believe there is a spiritual significance to the poisoning of water in pipelines there and in Flint Michigan, and to oil spills and trash in the oceans.

Many of the poem’s statements about water (such as the one about baptism, or the water cycle being a symbol of resurrection) have a very Christian bent, but all kinds of religions argue for the sacredness of wild places and the waters of the blue planet we all call home.