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Man Captures Water Turning On By Itself and Declares ‘It's Time to Move’

Uh, we’d have to agree with him there...

Some ghostly presences are harmless, nothing more than the occasional shadow or strange sound. But others are mischievous or even malevolent. Unfortunately this man, who posts on TikTok and YouTube under the username DinoNuggets741, has a not-so-friendly ghost in his house. 


In the video, the presence torments the living people sharing its space by sneaking around in the middle of the night, turning on the water in faucets all over the house. At 1:22 into the video, you can see the dark shadow passing behind DinoNuggets741 as he attempts to halt the ghost’s water-wasting ways. Not only does this poor man have to contend with a $600 monthly water bill, but because he lives in Colorado, where there is drought, he’s concerned about the ghost’s environmental impact.

 When one thinks of harm perpetuated by troublemaking ghosts, wasting water doesn’t usually rank high on the list, but for this Colorado native, the danger of drought and forest fires loom large in his mind. Wasting water can deplete ground reservoirs and lead to serious ecological ramifications. Between that and the enormous water bills, the haunted man eventually made the heart-wrenching choice to move out of his house, and even out of Colorado.

After he leaves his faucet-filled house, he hopes the entity will cease causing trouble, and has plans for professional paranormal investigators to try to “cleanse” the home so future renters will never have to deal with the same troubles he did. But despite DinoNuggets741’s hopes for a brighter future far away from Colorado, there’s always the possibility that this dark water ghost will follow him wherever he goes. 

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