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Water Appears to “Dance” Whenever Man Strums Guitar

This is both beautiful and kind of creepy.
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Ah, nature. Is there anything better than closing out the summer with a chill evening by the lake, strumming some tunes and watching the glorious reds and pinks of the mountain sunset?

But there may be more to your eventide concert than you first thought, as this person discovered while warming up his guitar. Every time he played a note, the water…reacted.


In the video, a man sits by the edge of a lake, playing a guitar. As he plays, tiny points in the water seem to sparkle and shimmer, as if the lake itself is reacting to the music.

Skeptics say it’s nothing more than a trick, that someone is standing behind him with a water gun. But that’s not it at all.

“Hi, biologist here, this phenomenon is the water feeling the vibe and throwing it back,” says one commenter, adorably. And wouldn’t that be so perfect?

“Vibeologist here, can confirm,” replies another.

The truth is pretty cool though. As many in the comments section argue, what is really happening are the movements of water striders, bugs that rely on the surface tension of the water to move around the lake. They are freaking out a little at the vibrations caused by the strumming, lest it’s a sign of a fish come to gulp them down.

Or maybe they, too, are just vibing to the tunes.

“Bugs love music!!!” says one viewer. “Why do you think John, Paul, George and Ringo picked the name ‘The Beatles?’”