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The Real Reason Ed and Lorraine Warren Only Found Evil Paranormal Activity

They had a very particular worldview.

Ed and Lorraine Warren, the paranormal investigators made famous in the Amityville Horror and the Conjuring series of films collected many oddities over their years of working with the evil and the supernatural. Perhaps the most famous of these was the supposedly haunted doll, Annabelle, made famous in both The Conjuring and in the entirely separate multi-film series about her, but they have enough supposedly cursed items to make an entire museum of strange, haunted things, almost all of which they link to various tragedies, violence, and other malevolent supernatural actions.

But why was every ghost the Warrens came across a dangerous and evil one? This psychic has her own theories about why it was that the Warrens only had negative paranormal experiences.


In this video, a TikTok psychic explains that the reason the Warrens were so disturbed by the things they were brought in to see is because they were very religious Christians. To them, spirits do not belong on this earth, only in heaven or in hell, and if there are any spirits on this earth, they are surely demons who are sent to tempt and/or hurt the living.

The things they were experiencing we filtered through their belief system. Though their work with psychic abilities and the community brought a lot of good to the field, it also very much cemented the idea that any spirits in your house are there to do you harm, and if let to its own devices it will end up escalating the terror and the violence.

Good fodder for movies, but not always for real life.