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Witch’s ‘War Water’ Is Scaring the Pants Off WitchTok

Here’s what it does...

“War Water” is a form of witchcraft that derives from traditions in the American South. Sources disagree, with some saying it is a Hoodoo tradition, and others claiming it comes fromEuropean folk spirituality. Whatever the source, the purpose of this magic is a sort of curse, to go on the offense against forces that have already attacked you. As curses and hexes are often seen as advanced types of magic, due to their potential for misuse, the fact that this video has gone viral on TikTok is concerning to many magic practitioners who use the app.


In the video, a TikTok witch explains that her War Water is too powerful to keep inside her home or with the rest of her magical supplies, so she stores it in its own box outside on the porch. Would-be witches pour into the comments wanting to know what Witch Water is, what it does, and how it’s made. More experienced witches profess their concerns, worried that baby witches are not getting the full picture when they learn all their magic from TikTok. “If you’re completely new, PLEASE do your research and gain some experience before doing this. And please don't do it for fun OMG,” pleads one.

For what it’s worth, War Water is made from a mixture of Spanish moss (if you live in a place other than the south, wormwood or cayenne pepper would work), swamp or pond water, and old nails. Left to steep for a few weeks, it creates a potent mixture. Then, the learned witch would take it to the house of their enemy and either break the jar there or just splash the water in a place they will walk.

Obviously, get the full picture before attempting, because YIKES. 

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