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There’s a Fascinating Story About the Most Haunted House in Gettysburg

Jennie Wade was making bread when a stray bullet killed her.

The Jennie Wade house is said to be the most haunted house in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and was the location of the only civilian casualty in the Battle of Gettysburg. She was struck by a stray bullet while making bread in the kitchen with her sister. Her sister reported Jennie’s last words to be “if anyone is to be killed in this house today, let it be me” which proved immediately and disturbingly prophetic. 

In life, Jennie was betrothed to a Union soldier before the confederates began to move in on the town. She was known to bake bread for the Union and many soldiers came to pay their respects after her death. Her mother took the dough from that fateful batch of Jennie’s last day and baked it into fifteen loaves the day after her passing to honor both her daughter and the soldiers she had kept fed. Many claim her spirit never left that house after her mortal passing, with frequent reports of hearing her cry in the night or catching the scent of her perfume lingering around the house. 

Jennie’s spirit is not the only said to reside in this spooky location and paranormal investigators spent the night there, claiming to have captured a few of these ghostly visitors on camera. The full three-hour documentary is available on their YouTube channel and tours the entire town, including the Jennie Wade house. 

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