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Son Terrifies Mom With Tales of the "Wall People"

He says they don't like her...

By now, “kid says creepy thing and terrifies parent” is practically its own genre on the internet. Tales abound of kids who have told their parents stories of their past lives, or gleefully described invisible visitors who bear an uncanny resemblance to loved ones long past, or informed them about the scary beings who share their home.

This child has told his mother that “creepy wall people” who “always have their eyes open” are telling him things, and she’s not going to like what these entities have to say.


On Twitter, comedian, writer, podcaster and parent Nash Flynn entertained her followers with one of these prevalent “kids say the darnedest things” type of stories recently. In this one, the “wall people” her son insists live in their house have decided that they don’t like the family anymore.

“Just curious if anyone is free tonight to help me move out,” she asks the people online. “For the record, it’s just me moving. The wall people already know what my son looks like and it’s too risky if they decide to follow him. Sorry, buddy, we had a good run.”

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Her fans were quick to jump in with their own creepy stories about what their children say to them at bedtime. If you like that kind of thing, definitely read through the thread and be prepared to sleep with the light on tonight.

There’s no word on what the “wall people” are up to, now, and Flynn’s son hasn’t mentioned them again, though he has been scared about the “white clouds” that come out of the ceiling to get him at night. Connected? Perhaps. 

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