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Some Believe Giant Wolves Still Roam Alaska

The cryptid versus surviving extinct species debate continues.

Deep in the northwest territories of Alaska and Canada there are said to be giant wolves that still roam the land, some believing them to be dire wolves that somehow survived extinction. The locals call these mysterious cryptids “waheela” or “sabrewolves” and describe them as all white wolves that are much larger than known wolves, and they are said to hunt alone rather than in packs. These fearsome beasts are often associated with tearing the heads off of their victims in a brute display of strength and teeth.  

The field of cryptozoology has many accounts of animals believed to be extinct that are reported as being seen out in the wild, such as the Tasmanian tiger, the giant short-faced bear, and anomalous big cats - among others. 

Reports of extremely large and oversized wolves are often reported, with some even recording video of the encounter. These reports increased with the rise of Game of Thrones and the magical, fictionalized dire wolves featured in the series that are based on the extinct but smaller dire wolves of the ice age.  

Actual dire wolf fossils show they were only slightly larger than modern day large wolves, however the size of wolves is shockingly huge to most people who have never encountered one in the wild. It’s easy to think of them in terms of a husky or malamute which bear a striking physical resemblance to their wolf cousins but are actually significantly smaller. 

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