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Arkansas Woman's Viral Soulmate Story Seems Too Good to Be True

...or is it?

There are a lot of fake stories out there on ye olde TikTok—not just people lying for clout, but also a ton of clips that are really authors playing their books’ premise for that sweet sweet “BookTok” marketing power, using popular sounds, music, and hashtags to promote their fictional worlds. The tactic has become so prevalent that when a sweet, romantic story comes across the feed, people immediately jump to the conclusion that whatever is being talked about is not real—it’s the set up for a new book.

Those assumptions plagued radio host Rebecca Davis after a curious TikTok about how she supposedly met her husband went viral recently. Viewers were in complete disbelief—and little wonder. It sounds far too good to be true!

In the video, Davis claims that as a young teen, she was on a laser tag adventure when she met a boy. They both felt an instant connection and hid out in the laser tag field, talking with each other rather than playing the game. At the end of the session, neither of them had scored any points, but they had shared a kiss. She later told a friend she thought she’d met her soulmate.

Years later, she was on a date with a man who told her that he had met his soulmate as a teen playing laser tag. Stunned, she realized he was the same person! He didn’t believe her either, so they each produced their blank cards, that they’d kept all these years.

Comments in the video are all ones of disbelief, which sent Davis on a quest to find and produce the scorecards. Unfortunately, the couple no longer has them. But she insists in multiple videos that she and her husband are quite real, and so is their story. Also, she’s not attempting to promote a book.

And if it were a “BookTok,” wouldn’t that be the whole point?

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