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Woman Tries On New Vintage Dress and Her Bed Mysteriously Moves

She may have picked up more than the dress.

There are those who believe that ghosts and spirits are actually the souls of the dead, trapped in some kind of Earthbound purgatory. For these people, ghosts are “attached” to particular objects or places, like their corpse, their gravesite, the house they died in, or a piece of jewelry, weaponry, or even clothing. The list, honestly, strikes me as endless. If I were a ghost, would I want to spend eternity attached to a rag doll?

In this video, people speculate that the woman might now be haunted because she picked up a vintage dress.


In the video, a woman tries on a beige and gold dress she found at a vintage store, As soon as she does, the bed in the corner of the video frame jiggles, as if someone bumped it or sat down on it.

“I’m scared, y’all,” she says, right before cutting the recording.

In the comments, people agree that her house is clearly now haunted by the spirit that once owned the dress, but that it’s not necessarily bad thing. “I don’t feel any negative energy here,” says one person. Maybe the sprit is just admiring the dress’s new owner, and is happy it’s getting some use.

Or maybe—and hear me out for a moment— there was a cat on her bed, or someone sitting on it, just off frame, or any one of a hundred other reasons why her bed jiggled. Also, just because the dress is in a vintage shop does not mean its former owner has kicked the bucket.

She doesn’t seem too scared, and has since returned to the store for more previously owned (and possibly haunted) fashion.