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Drinking Well Found Filled With Skeletons Proves Ancient Norse Saga True

What else will they find there?

The Old Norse Kings’ sagas are a collection of ancient tales reported to be about legendary kings of Nordic mythology, however excavations in Trondheim, Norway are revealing evidence that confirms at least one of these tales may be true. Sverre’s Saga details the life of king Sverre Sigurdsson and says that an attack by the Baglers on his Castle Sverresborg stronghold was so devastating it left the whole area uninhabitable. These enemy rivals were not content with mere victory and destroyed all of the buildings and then the drinking supply by throwing the dead men into the well and then filling it with stones. 

Excavations on the castle well have confirmed this part of the tale, at least, is true. The veracity of these ancient texts is often called into question due to the mingling of religious and mythological aspects that are woven into every tale. Concepts such as elves, known as huldufolk, and regular mortal interventions of the gods feature prominently in many of the tales - even after the Christianization brought by missionaries. 

A tale of a well destroyed with the bodies of one’s dead enemies may seem implausible when mixed in with tales of a giant serpent that encircles the earth foretold to bring the apocalypse, king’s guards of berserkers who could not be stopped with fire nor iron, witchcraft, sorcery, and magical horses with eight legs. Proof that these epic tales of legendary battles did take place gives hope to many that more fantastic aspects of these tales could also prove true in time, as many still practice Norse pagan beliefs in modern times.  

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