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Man Thrifts Victorian Scrapbook That Takes a Weird Turn a Few Pages In

That’s a lot of dead people’s locks of hair...

This man hit the personal jackpot while out thrift-shopping and found an antique scrapbook from the late 1800s or early 1900s. Most of the clippings were poems until he found a loose section in the back. These pages contain a handful of obituaries and a marriage certificate from 1802. It got even stranger when a page contained hair clippings with names and the word “dead” next to them. He believes this is a grief book with keepsakes from the owners loved ones and will cherish the find for its sentimental and historical value. 

This strange antique find deviates from the more traditional grimoires or book of shadows we are accustomed to around here, however such journals and scrapbooks are highly personal and can be adapted to the needs and wants of the owner. Those creeped out by hair do not have to include any! Making your own book of shadows can be fun and relaxing, and may even provide future generations with the same sense of awe and wonder this man has when looking over such a carefully crafted oddity picked out from a thrift store.

Many approach journaling like a diary, something to write secrets in that is not to be shared with others, but creating a personal book with the opposite intention can be a wonderful exercise in expanded thinking. What glimpses into your life would be helpful or interesting to people in the future who might one day read it? 

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