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Vermont News Station Catches UFO on Weather Camera

The locals don't know what to think!
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Usually, UFO sightings are noted by random people just looking up at the sky. Since the popularity of cell phones, it’s been a lot easier to capture video of them, since we all have cameras in our pockets now. Only recently has the U.S. government admitted that they too have records of unidentified flying objects, and they, too, have no idea what we’re all seeing.

But this unusual sighting comes from a source I’ve never seen before: a local news station’s weather camera. 


In the video, a local newscaster in Colchester, Vermont broadcast a clip from their weather camera at fiveam.that morning that resulted in a ton of calls to the station when viewers noticed a large, oblong, disc-shaped object rising horizontally through the sky.

“Well, we’re not saying aliens aren’t real this morning,” says one newscaster, baffled, after they replayed the clip

They know it’s not a bug or a smudge on their camera lens, but are flummoxed as to the source of this oblong image.

Still savvy UFO enthusiasts on Reddit dug into the station’s film archives, and confirmed that, indeed, there are other images taken by the camera which show this same shape moving around. They concluded that the object is, most likely, some kind of irregularity on the protective housing around the camera itself, given that the camera has been weatherproofed and always sits on the new station roof.

Vermont remains the second most likely state in the nation for a person to see something paranormal, based on reported sightings and Vermont’s low population.