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People Nearly Missed the Truth About this Viral Ventriloquist Story

We live in an age of misinformation...

It’s the truth that an app like TikTok does not reward the meticulous. There are no fact checkers present in its algorithms, no warnings that a claim has been debunked or that it might behoove you to click through to an article and read it before sharing. In fact, it seems to work against such careful second-guessing, and rewards whatever nonsense floats to the top of the “for you page” no matter how outlandish, incendiary, or just plain false it is.

Let us now examine the creepy, viral story of the “vaudeville ventriloquist” Jean Du Lac, whose dummy was said to be possessed by the very devil itself…or was he?


This video has all the clever details to capture your attention: creepy historical photos, tons of explicit detail, colorful figures, specific names, and a story about a doll possessed by the Devil guaranteed to make you sleep with the light on.

But did any of it really happen? Before you click that share button, let’s do some digging:

First, a simple Google search of the names mentioned in the story do not turn up any ventriloquists. Then, search details of the story itself. You may be guided to an old, very similar episode of The Twilight Zone, but nothing in the history books or newspapers. Serious sleuths can even do a reverse image search on the photos in the video and find out how they’ve been manipulated or misidentified.

And here’s the most obvious signpost of all: at the start of the video is a split second caption reading “Creepypasta,” an internet slang term for a fictional story posted with the intent to go viral. Sorry, y'all, this one is scary, but fictional.

Now who’s the dummy?