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Woman Convinced Her Family is Being Stalked By a Vampire

The bites keep coming...
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Unless you have recently read or watched Dracula, you may not be aware that the traditional methodology of vampire attacks involve several visits of the vampire to their victim, over a period of many days and weeks. (And if you haven’t read or recently read Dracula, may I recommend this free email service for the novel, which sends you bite-sized chunks of the Bram Stoker classic between May 3 and November 10, corresponding to the date of the letters that make up the book. You can experience the novel in the same timeline as the characters.)

Traditionally, the victim is visited multiple times, and each time they get sicker and sicker, until eventually they perish and become an undead creature themselves. So it’s especially scary to think that you might have been stalked by a vampire, that your family might be numbered among its current victims.


After some strange “bite marks” appeared on her neck, this woman’s daughter had some unexpected symptoms, such as light sensitivity and also sleeping all day. The marks looked like legendary vampire bites healed over. After her daughter moved to another home, though, the bites kept appearing, more regularly. Whatever this creature was was also biting her son-in-law.

Completely dismissing the idea of insects, this woman consulted a psychic, who informed her that it was indeed a vampire staling her family, invited, apparently, by her own daughter, due to the woman’s year’s-old teenage obsession with the show True Blood.

Listen, if everyone who had a teenaged vampire obsession was subsequently stalked by a real life vampire, I doubt there would be many humans left in the world. That’s all I’m saying.