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Meet Father Sebastian, the Man Who Can Turn You Into An IRL Vampire

For anyone obsessed with the macabre, you may want to pay Father Sebastian a visit.

Vampires are a perennially popular monster, a mythology that becomes supercharged every time there is a new version capturing the imagination. From Dracula to Dark Shadows, Anne Rice to Blade, Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Twilight, there is sure to be a flavor of vampire to suit your needs. And, thanks to dedicated craftsmen like Father Sebastian, there are fangs to suit as well.


Father Sebastian, a vampire enthusiast and self-proclaimed “fangsmith” makes it his business to make your vampiric dreams come true. He creates custom fangs for his clients that can be worn to events such as his Endless Night Vampire Ball, a cabaret-cum-dance party extravaganza where people can dress up as their favorite creature of the night and pretend to be an undead bloodsucker for an evening.

The fangs are custom fit for every individual after a private consultation with Father Sebastian and are made of high quality dental acrylics and dyed to match the exact shade of your teeth. With twenty-three years of fang fitting experience, Father Sebastian has probably made enough vampires to create his own multimedia franchise. The teeth covers last two to three years with careful use, which doesn’t include eating with them on. However, his website specifies that you can sing, drink alcohol, smoke and engage in various adult activities with them on.

In the video, a girl “reveals” her newly installed fangs for the first time ever. Myths about vampires aside, she is amazed by her reflection, and her sabertoothed smile.