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Terrifying “Sea Monster” Spotted on Boat Equipment

Why does it look like a horse head?

Something strange dangles from the edge of a Remotely Operated Vehicle being pulled from the water. At first it seems like a fish or something equally unsurprising, but the camera zooms in it looks like some kind of deformed and mutated horse head poking out from an opening in the ROVJET.  

The creature is a pale white with a deep reddish brown around the mouth and strange horselike teeth, appearing to have lopsided eyes as it wiggles to write out of an opening clearly too small for it to escape.

An ancient Scottish legend tells of the kelpie, a shapeshifting horse creature that inhabits the waters and lures human victims to the depths so it can devour them - leaving only the victims remains to be discovered later on the water’s edge. These creatures of myth are said to inhabit any body of water and can shift to a human form when not appearing as a swimming horse. 

Close inspection of the strange footage and freeze frames show a large wide open eye that clearly resembles what one would expect of a fish, although any identification of what kind of fish it could be continues to elude viewers. More information about the location it was found might help provide clues to identify this unknown sea creature. ROVJETs often feature cameras which may have caught images of the creature before it became lodged in the underwater vehicle. 

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