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Woman Shares Fascinating House She Inherited And It’s Full of Secrets

The house not only looks wild, its art contains clues to a hidden treasure.

Inheriting a house is a dream come true for many younger people, but hardly any expect their house to be as wild as this one. TikToker @aylajkraft has been documenting the many bizarre and beautiful rooms in her dear departed Uncle Lou’s home. The man, a trained psychiatrist, was also an avid painter and collector who covered literally every surface of his home with his visionary artwork.


His trippy, thematic vision permeates the walls, floors, stairs, cabinets—every surface has been turned into a work of art!

And that’s not all! Lou also had an extensive array of collections, everything from martini glasses to figurines to (in a secret room) thousands upon thousands of vinyl records and mint-condition action figures.

In his bathroom, Lou left an “equation” written in a secret language. He also gave his niece a treasure map to help them decipher the code, which he told them leads to a treasure buried in his house.

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The niece and her family have been unable to decipher the directions so far, though one wonders if the “treasure” is in fact the secret room filled with all those records and toys. I’m sure there are plenty of collectors who would happily pay a fortune for those items. In fact, even now you can purchase some of “Uncle Lou’s” extensive crystal collection from a crystals dealer on Instagram.

Unfortunately the family has experienced a difficult few years, and are forced to sell this house rather than try to turn it into a museum or AirBnB. We hope the new owners are people who can appreciate what Lou spent his life creating in this unique home. As for the rest of us, we'll be keeping our eyes on Zillow.

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