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Declassified UK Documents Show UFO Disappearing in Mid-air

It's gone in a puff of smoke!

America isn’t the only country to declassify UFO documents, recently the United Kingdom also declassified video footage of Unexplained Aerial Phenomena under the Freedom of Information Act. In this video, a dark round object is seen flying though the clouds. It resembles a piece of coal, although the size is difficult to determine with only cloud cover for comparison. In what appears to be spontaneous, the object seems to disappear in a puff of smoke.  

This footage was recorded with a thermal camera by a police helicopter in Wales. Other data released says the UAP was flying approximately 106 MPH against the wind at roughly 1,000 feet in the air.

Americans have long accused the government of hiding information about UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors, and recent declassifications have shown they are at least gathering data on it, if not outright studying it. If one government is gathering data on something, you can be sure other countries are, as well.  

These declassifications confirming years old rumors do little to ease public doubts of government conspiracies and coverups, leaving many demanding full transparency as the only way forward. Even NASA has garnered support for further studies by assembling an independent research team to identify how collected data could be aggregated and analyzed to shed light on what is causing the unidentified phenomena. 

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