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This Alleged UFO Over Las Vegas Shocked a Crowd of Onlookers

What is it?
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After getting burned a few months ago by a faked viral video of a UFO, we have been a little extra wary about all UFO videos. But enough people have been curious about this latest viral sensation out of Las Vegas last week that we’ve decided to take a look for ourselves.

Dozens of people on TikTok, Reddit, and other social media sites have been posting independent video of a huge “UFO” featuring red and yellow lights hovering for many minutes above a famous strip club in Las Vegas right before the holiday weekend. The object stayed stationary in the sky, behind some clouds, and the videos posted show the usual Las Vegas spotlights and other man-made lighting elements interacting with those same clouds totally differently and making the object appears if really was something in the sky.

So what is it? As several employees of the club were responsible for filming this thing, the first guess is to wonder if it’s just a PR stunt, though Vegas insiders say that the Sapphire Gentleman’s Club doesn’t exactly need a lot of advertising.

The next option is that it’s a blimp of some kind, parked above the clouds. Tough parking a blimp above the clouds doesn’t exactly seem like a good way to get the message out either.

Many people theorize that the cold snap across the country meant that ice crystals high up in the clouds were reflecting the famous lights of Vegas in a way that onlookers and locals might now have been used to. One person even mapped these lights to objects and buildings on the street near the club. And despite all the excitement, this does seem like the most probable situation.

Or the aliens are just here for a bachelor night.

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