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People Believe Government is Transporting UFOs in Plain Sight

People are seeing these everywhere.

Once again, people have spotted what looks like an alien flying saucer being transported on the bed of a large truck with a police escort over regular public highways and in plain view of anybody who cares to notice. These sightings occur regularly but have not ever been definitively identified, showing something distinctly UFO-shaped and covered with a wrapping that seems to cling to it like shrink-wrap to reveal the shape but little else to observers convinced it’s a government coverup of alien technology. These believers say the best way to hide something is right out in the open, causing people to dismiss what they are seeing because surely it must be some other mundane piece of equipment. Or is it? 

Sightings, pictures, and videos of these strange transports have been occurring very regularly over many years and the proof something is being transported is undeniable, but will we ever know what? Official sources often say these transports are routine combat drones such as the X-47B which has an otherworldly triangle shape, but skeptics argue these drones could more easily be flown where they are going and wouldn’t need to be wrapped to avoid detection by civilians.  

Videos and pictures of the unidentified crafts have increased in social media sharing since the government disclosure admitting they, too, are gathering credible data from reliable witnesses on Unexplained Aerial Phenomena. Despite the many declassifications much of the data has still been redacted, leaving the general populace convinced the government is still withholding information the public deserves to know. 

The demand for more government transparency regarding potential aliens and their technology has grown so great that even elected officials such as congressmen are championing full declassification, although basing those claims on passages from the Bible that some believe reference alien visitors in the sky is perhaps not the best legal argument to be made for transparency. 

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