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Person Captures Strange Lights Flickering In the Sky That Definitely Don’t Seem Natural

It’s as if the windows are lighting up!
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Those who keep track of UFOs have certain markers they are looking for in their sightings. The crafts have particular shapes, move in documented and yet inexplicable ways, and have a variety of other signatures that have been long studied, if little understood. A lot of times, what people think they see when they fear it’s UFOs are little more than atmospheric phenomenon, such as strangely-shaped clouds, rocket trails, lightning, or even just light pollution.


The video shows dozens of lights flickering in the clouds in an eerie circular or ovoid formation, like a curved apartment building in the sky. As the video continues, there are larger lights that seem to swoop and swirl among the smaller ones, appearing to “join” atone point. The caption reads that there were also red lights that did the same thing.

So what is going on? Is there some massive ship hiding in the clouds?

The key here might be the clouds themselves. Just as the fictional Commissioner Gordon can project the Bat Signal onto the perpetually overcast sky of Gotham City, so other lights can bounce off the low-hanging clouds shown in this video. Most likely what this person is filming is the reflection of stadium lights and/or spotlights from a nearby event.

Particularly in the case where the two separate lights “zoom together and go up,” what we are likely seeing is the choreographed movement of a pair of spotlights from a light show at a concert or similar.

But can you imagine if there really was a UFO that size hanging out above the clouds? That would truly be the cruise ship of extraterrestrial travel.