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2022 Annual Report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Tripled Recorded UFO Sightings

So much for "weather balloons"...

The Pentagon recently released an unclassified version of its annual report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena that triples the number of reported potential UFO sightings in 2022. Roughly 510 UAPs were reported as of August 2022, compared to the 144 reports from the previous seventeen years combined. A little under half of these sightings can be explained by drones, balloons, or other known airborne objects.  

Along with increased sightings, claims of seeing Men in Black government agents charged with covering up alien activity are also on the rise. These imposing figures dressed all in black are sometimes now described as “hatmen” as the standard issue uniform seems to have expanded to include headwear. Many find these claims of a super secret government agency focused on extraterrestrials to be a bit of a stretch, despite widespread belief the government is covering up visitors from another planet. 

If the MiB do exist, perhaps somebody should send them to check up on the police officer who seemed to chase down a shapeshifting suspect in compelling footage that quickly brings to mind Will Smith’s performance in the hit movie Men in Black. Unfortunately, this mysterious suspect managed to slip away without a trace. 

Will 2023 be the year we finally discover definitive proof of visitors from outer space? Many folks not only hope so but are going so far as to organize a UFO sky watch to record and log data of any objects, known or unknown, that happen to go zipping through the night sky. 

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