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Footage Shows Mysterious Lights Appearing Over Ocean Isle, North Carolina

People are convinced aliens were there to “refuel."

It’s important to remember that “UFO” just means “unidentified flying object.” It doesn’t necessarily mean that the origin of the object is an alien one. After all, if you don’t know what it is you see, it could be a bird, a plane, or even a satellite. So there’s no debate that the phenomenon this man spotted above a North Carolina beach is indeed a UFO. He saw it, it was flying, and he had absolutely no idea what it was. 


In the video, the man is filming a stormy night sea when he records a series of lights flashing through the clouds, followed by a few bright orbs lighting up and hanging motionless in the sky, and in one case making slow, deliberate trails across the horizon. “Do you see those lights?” He exclaims to his buddies, off screen. “If they were flares, they’d be popping off sequentially…”

Well, not exactly. This video was taken in Ocean Isle, North Carolina, which is about one hundred and fifty miles from the Cherry Point Marine Base. Occasionally, during military exercises, marine airplanes will drop powerful flares on parachutes. Since these flares have a brightness of about one million candlepower, they can be seen from a great distance and float in the air as If they are orbs. They are very different in nature from the type of emergency “firework” style flares that are often used on sea craft, that this beachcomber might be more familiar with.

Mysterious floating lights that resemble the ones he saw have been seen before off the Carolina coast, and have been similarly dismissed as military exercises, even on nights the base claims there were no planes sent out. So no one knows what these lights are, other than the simple answer: unidentified. 

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