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Woman and Friends Spot Mysterious Oval In the Sky And That’s Not Even the Weirdest Part

And people around the area confirmed seeing it too.

Now that the vast majority of people walk around with powerful cameras in their pockets, there are a lot more recordings available of strange objects in the sky. Sometimes they are nothing more than smoke rings from blown transformers, and other times they are spectacular light shows put on by launching spacecraft. But we don’t always know what these unidentified aerial phenomena are.

In these videos, a group of young people enjoying a bonfire very late at night are shocked when a ring of light appears in the sky.


In the video, the young woman explains that she was out with her friends after two a.m., having bonfire on her property in Indiana, when they were shocked by the sight of a giant orb and a huge ring of light floating in the night sky. She describes in detail the way the objects moved and changed shape and how long they lasted in the sky. Even more weirdly, they have very little photographic evidence of the event, as all their phones went dead (they think it was because of the late hour, though some UFO experts disagree).

Even weirder, they were soon visited by a large, black SUV that came up slowly and watched them for some time, though they have no idea who was driving.

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Some viewers reported having seen the exact same thing that night, in the midwest as well as in New York and California. Others viewers claimed that what they saw was just remnants of the Space X launch from the same date, a few hours earlier. Indeed, there are reports of this “smoke ring” in the sky all over the world, as Space X can make some pretty powerful atmospheric effects. 

As for the SUV, it was probably just stopping to watch the sight as well. 

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