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Was a UFO Seen by Crowd in Santa Monica, California?

Looking into this viral video...

A recent video going viral on TikTok purports to show a crowd of people on a pier in Santa Monica, filming a UFO hovering above them in the sky. But what is this video, how was it made, and what does it tell us about what we should believe about the things we see on the internet?


This video has been liked nearly half a million times on just this account, but has been shared widely across the platform, so its true reach is unknown. It has been deceptively edited. In the first part, which seems to take place in a much darker skyline, complete with pine trees, two people are heard talking about the green light in the sky, which swiftly splits into three parts. One person describes it as a “tic tac” although what is visible is clearly a three-light “triangle” shaped UFO. (I.e., it looks nothing like the described oblong or “tic tac” UFOs seen by military pilots.)

The video swiftly switches to a beach scene, claiming to be Santa Monica, where a crowd of people are gathered, filming a similar array of green “triangle” lights. The video goes on for another 45 seconds, and conveniently shows the screens of other cellphones taking what appear to be the same video. Again, bystander reactions do not seem to jibe with the actual lights appearing. For instance, one person says “Do you see that light at the bottom?” As if 1) there is only one, and 2) something other than a light can be seen.

But the most obvious evidence for this being a hoax is that despite all the cameras and the crowds, there are no other videos of this phenomenon available, no discussion on the lists and forums of UFO enthusiasts, and no news stories about it. 

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