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German Man Gets "UFO Artist" to Do a Recreation of His Close Encounter

It helped him find some peace.
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One of the hardest things for a lot of people who have had UFO experiences is how to explain it without sounding like they are lying or insane. There are many who have kept their own experiences a secret for fear of possible repercussions such as losing friends or their professional standing.

In 2013, a German couple were standing outside their home one evening when they had a brief but world-changing encounter. The man’s description of what happened to him is detailed and reasonable, but unexplained. He’s made crude stick figure drawings on photographs to try to describe it to people, but recently, was able to get an animator to do a fully computerized recreation of his experience, in hopes that others will finally see what happened to him. 


According to the man, he and his ex-girlfriend were having a cigarette outside their house at 10:30 one night in their town near the French-German border. They were standing by their pool when he noticed three excessively bright “stars” in the sky. Suddenly, those stars descended nearly instantaneously and became a pitch black triangular craft hovering silently about thirty feet above their heads.

All sound seemed to stop as he and his partner stared at this thing, transfixed. He claims it was about thirty feet on each side and utterly silent as it hung above them, it’s three lights shining down.

After some short period of time, it “zigzagged” a bit over their heads then ascended as quickly as it had come, leaving trails of light in its wake.

He never saw it again, nor found out what it was. All he knows was that what he saw that night was real, and now he has a better tool for illustrating his own personal UFO experience.