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New York Woman Sees Fleet of "Tic Tac" UFOs Outside Plane Window

No one was talking about it on the flight...

There are several different types of UFOs that people have noted. The most popular, of course, is the disc-shaped “flying saucer” that has, over the decades, become synonymous with the term “unidentified flying object.” But there are also many others, like the cigar or “tic tac” shaped one that military pilots have observed, the triangle-shaped crafts, orbs or eggs that seem to be able to travel above the air and underwater, and the shape-changing “ring of lights.”

This woman, glancing out the window of her plane, noticed what looks to be the “tic tac” shaped ones…only no one else on her flight seemed to see what she saw.


In the video, a woman is coming in for a landing in New York City when she looks out her window and sees what looks to be an entire fleet of UFOs hovering in the sky above the clouds.

Or…are they?

In the comments, people are ready with alternate explanations.

Many think it’s just a trick of the light and the setting sun, that what she is really seeing are small specks of dirt or imperfections in the windowpane.

Others agree that what we are witnessing is an optical illusion, but believe the source is something different. Those are ships out there all right, but they are ships on the water, and the angle at which she is filming as well as the patchy streaks of clouds and setting sun glinting off the water are conspiring to make the sea look like more sky and the many boats clustered around the port look like they are elating above the clouds.

That would certainly explain why no one else on the plane was concerned about an alien invasion. 

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