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Arizona Woman Spots Enormous Silver Disc Hovering in the Sky

Is it a UFO?

Now that nearly everyone has a digital camera in their pocket at all times, UFO sightings have become almost commonplace. Even the U.S. Government has taken an interest in figuring out what people are actually seeing out there, dedicating a task force to the phenomenon and creating guidelines for determining if your sighting is truly “unidentified.” Often, even if something in the sky looks very weird, it’s a perfectly normal natural phenomenon, such as the sun glinting off a contrail, a spaceship launch, smoke from a transformer, or even a wayward balloon.

In this woman’s viral video, watched over three million times this week, an image of a silver flying disc appears baffling, but has a totally terrestrial explanation.


What she witnessed is something called a lenticular cloud. So called because they have a “lens” shape, lenticular clouds are commonly mistaken for UFOs because they look like the stereotypical silver flying saucer. In this case, the shape of the cloud and its density compared to the other clouds in the sky led it to be that silvery-gray color. Lenticular clouds often form over hills or mountains, like a little cap, and then maintain their odd, disc-like form as they travel across the land before dissipating like all other clouds.

For other UFO enthusiasts: There are five observations often made of true UFOS (or UAPS): Anti gravity lift, sudden acceleration, silent hypersonic velocities, cloaking, and trans-medium motion. This “UFO” only displayed the “anti gravity” lift, but then again, so do all clouds. 

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