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Mysterious Green Laser Beam Seen Projecting From Flying Craft

Have you seen one of these?

A green light hovers steady in the sky and shoots a matching green laser beam down to the ground. The laser seems to scan the ground leaving a trail of dancing green lights twinkling as it lights up the ground where it hits. The man capturing it on video thinks it is extraterrestrial visitors finally revealing their presence. 

A similar green light alarmed residents of California in 2021 but the United States Army Corps of Engineers quickly claimed credit, stating it was a drone equipped with an advanced lidar system for geographical mapping operated by Woolpert - an engineering consulting firm with a governmental contract. The official release associates the drone scans with the National Coastal Mapping Program, but skeptics have their doubts.

Why are these drones mapping land if it’s for coastal waters? The Woolpert website references national security work using mapping and photo-interpretation with multilayered topographic and terrain specifications for database schemas. That makes it sound like they are mapping the whole country with 3D digital imaging - but for what purpose?

Many of these official government press statements only come on the heels of being “caught” by citizens which is one reason many folks are organizing UFO sky watch parties and tracking the data of any aerial activity - known or unknown. These aggregations of citizens data are one way to hold the government accountable for providing transparency to the public. 

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