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These Fake UFO Incidents Were So Convincing They Went Viral

Even we only caught one of them!

When it comes to UFOs, I take the point of view of The X-Files character Fox Mulder: I want to believe. And so it goes that every time I see some inexplicable lights in the sky, especially the kind that exhibit some of the impossible characteristics of those “5 observables,” I’m inclined to give it the benefit of the doubt.

As it happens, however, that is exactly what this prankster was counting on when she engineered a pair of “UFO sightings” in California and Texas. She fooled some pretty big news outlets, too.


In this video, YouTube prankster EllieMarieTV shares how she fooled folks across social media and even at a few television stations with stories of a UFO sighting. First, she convinced tourists at the Santa Monica pier to pretend to see something in the sky and marvel at it. Then she got a friend to CGI some weird green lights into the video she took of the fake scene. (In our own coverage of this event, I expressed skepticism that it was real due to the behavior of the onlookers, and how their description of what was happening did not seem to match what the video showed.) Then, she had more friends call into television news shows to claim they had witnessed a UFO.

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This act didn’t fly in Santa Monica, but when she repeated the process, this time in Texas, she got the local Fox News affiliate to bite.

They covered the event, and because they were willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, so did I when I wrote about the witnesses. (Mea culpa.)

But it was all fake. Don’t believe everything you read, folks.Or everything you see, either. 

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