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Man Spots UFO "Disguised as a Cloud" Hovering Over His Row House

Their cloaking devices are getting very sophisticated!

It’s not unusual for people to mistake a lenticular, or lens-shaped, cloud for a UFO. These clouds look like the stereotypical “flying saucer” that many claim to see in the skies. However, it is far more unusual for people to see a white fluffy cloud and say they think it’s really a spaceship. Only that’s precisely what happened which this man filmed a “cloud” floating over his house — a cloud that wasn’t acting at all like a ball of air and water, and, instead, much more like some kind of flying craft in disguise. 


In the video, the fluffy, cloud like object moves rapidly over a row of houses on a city street, maneuvering in a way that defies logic and air currents, as well as changing shape and displaying a series of very un-cloudlike sparkling lights in its depths. It is shown to exhibit several of the five “observable” traits catalogued by UFO (or UAP) enthusiasts: anti gravity lift without visible means of propulsion (which clouds have, of course, but clouds do not have “sparkling lights inside of them); sudden acceleration and maneuverability; and—most notably in this case—low observability, or “cloaking.” This thing, w hater it is, appears to the casual observer to be nothing more than a collection of water vapor.

Is it possible that whoever is responsible for UFOs has found an even more sophisticated way of hiding their existence from observers, by disguising the crafts as cumulus clouds?

Viewers of this video were torn. Some claim to have seen strange, shapeshifting clouds that maneuver in that manner as well. Others say they think the entire video is nothing more than a nicely-edited fake. Whatever it is, it is certainly “unidentified.”

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