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Colorado Resident Records UFO "Winking" Out of Existence

Where did that thing go?

To some people pretty much anything can be a UFO. They look up in the sky and see something, have no idea what it is, and there you have it: unidentified.

However, just because the person filming the flying object thinks it is unidentified, that does not mean that it is a complete unknown. There are certain characteristics shared by what are commonly called UFOs, the objects that remain unidentified even to experts in aerial phenomena. These include not only low observability and cloaking but also the ability to move in and out of the Earth’s atmosphere. Most likely, that is what the person who made this recording thought they were seeing. 


In the video, a shiny flying object is being filmed flying through the clear blue sky. Suddenly, it seems to vanish, leaving behind nothing but a ring of what appears to be vapor.

So what is going on? Did they witness an alien ship disappear into space? Or did the shiny ship shapeshift into this circular cloud?

One commenter has a more prosaic, but still pretty cool explanation. He suggest that what was actually filmed here was the sight of a jet breaking the sound barrier. When aircraft hit 766 miles per hour and break the sound barrier, not only do they set off a sonic boom, but they also create what is called a “sonic halo” of cloud vapor. The commenter suggests that is likely what this image depicts, although no sonic boom was heard, perhaps due to the distance.

Interestingly enough, one of the often-cited characteristics of true UFOs is breaking the sound barrier without signatures such as this vapor halo or sonic boom.