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Man Convinced He Sees UFO Out of Plane Window

What do you think?

The simple definition of a UFO is “unidentified flying object.” It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an alien craft, or even something that is unfathomable to humanity at large. Sometimes, what is unidentified is in the eye of the beholder. UFO enthusiasts know that the objects in question come in several different varieties. There are the classic “flying saucers,” the triangle-shaped UFOs, and the “tic tacs” or oblong craft reported by several military pilots.

Ever since the government disclosed reports of this last kind, people have been wild about looking for UFOs every time they get a window seat in a commercial aircraft. Take this guy, who insists he saw an enormous UFO outside his plane window.

In the video, taken from the window of a plane, you get a glimpse of a blue sky, spotted with fluffy white clouds, In the far distance is a silver, oblong object, giant and motionless in the sky.

Is it a bird? A plane? A UFO?

To me, it looks like a cloud. And yes, an odd cloud, given the way it does not resemble any other area cloud, but a could nonetheless. The color of a cloud is dependent to only on its own make up and density, but also on the way light hits it, and so this cloud being at a different angle to the viewer than all the other clouds around it could account for why it appears gray or silver rather than white.

Either that, or it’s the silver saucer spaceship from the 1980s Disney hit, Flight of the Navigator. Could go either way.

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