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Tiny Clouds Form in Actual Morse Code

They appear out of nowhere!

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena was spotted in the skies of Germany as a series of tiny clouds appearing in lines of dots and dashes like Morse code. The camera zooms in to show how they form, seemingly like sky writing but without any visible planes or aircrafts in the sky. The white puffs of clouds wink into existence in five columns simultaneously forming varying numbers of dots and dashes in rows. The angle of the camera makes it difficult to translate but there are clear groupings of letters identifiable as Morse Code. 

Is this aliens from outer space trying to communicate with us? Turns out it might be humans from Earth trying to communicate with us! This looks like a case of “skytyping”, also known as digital skywriting, which utilizes five aircraft drones flying in formation to create dot-matrix lettering in the sky. These drones are much smaller and fly higher than traditional skywriting planes. 

There has been a renewed interest in the idea of UFOs using a cloud cloaking technology since the release of the Jordan Peele movie “Nope” which features such clouds concealing terrifying aliens. These sightings also have a renewed credibility on the heels of the American government declassifying reports and footage of sightings from top secret programs studying UAPs

Those wishing to participate in the gathering of UFO data for mass compilation must be aware of explainable sights in the sky and keep up with cutting edge technology for potential explanations. The “Morse code” seen in this video is almost certainly either a malfunctioning set of skywriting drones or the angle it’s being viewed from is so extreme as to distort the message.

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