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UFO Chases Man Filming at "Space Fence" in Texas

What are those lights?

A quick reminder: the term “UFO” refers to any unidentified flying object. Lately, many enthusiasts of the unidentified and even the authorities have taken to using the term UAP, which stands for unidentified aerial phenomenon, as the term UFO is synonymous with aliens for so many people.

But whatever you want to call it, one of those suckers chased this man while he was out at the Navy Space Surveillance System (NavSpaSur) transmitter (colloquially called the “space fence”) in Kickapoo, Texas. 


In the video, an unseen man, clearly shaken by his experience, manages to get his camera up and running in order to film a ring of strange lights in the air above his head. “It’s back!” He cries, as he clumsily attempts to focus on a bright light in the sky. As this light proceeds to warp into a ring of lights which, one by one, zoom off into points unknown, he explains. “I was out here minding my own business ...and this thing, whatever the ____ it is, swooped right over my head. [Within] feet.”

While some viewers of this video doubt its veracity, claiming that there are no other stories about this experience or that such lights could easily be edited in, others are not so sure. After all, the “array of floating lights” is a type of unidentified aerial phenomenon that many other people have witnessed for themselves. And though the government has finally admitted that they are aware of these objects as well, they are no closer to identifying them for the shocked and scared people who have been noticing them for years.