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Man Believes He Saw a UFO Land in British Columbia

What is it?

The government has recently changed the preferred term for UFO to UAP, or “unidentified aerial phenomena.” Is it because the term UFO has some to mean mainly flying saucers with green-skinned aliens inside? If we’re really going to find out what these things are, we may have to start taking them more seriously than that. And now that nearly everyone has powerful cameras in their pockets, it should be easy to get some good footage of these “phenomena”.

But why is then, that most videos of UFOS (or UAPs) are so blurry and shaky? Some of it, of come, can be shocked up to the fear and excitement of the person who spotter this strange thing in the sky. But maybe some it has to do with a distortion or disruption effect that the object itself emits.

In this video, a man in British Columbia records a strange, hovering light over the city in October of 2022. The video, like so many of its type, is grainy and unclear, but the creator says that the light was a golden, orb type that hovered low in the in the sky before abruptly going dark. If it was a helicopter, why would it turn its lights out like that?

The man filming this video did a follow up in the location he thought it landed, showing emergency vehicles and road closures.

In the comments, a fellow Canadian from the eastern province of Ontario, says they, too, have noted similar vehicles in the sky, describing them as “meteors that hover instead of fall.”

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