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Man Shows “UFO Ball” He Claims Fell From the Sky

It's half ice, half metal.

A strange ball of metal and ice seems to have fallen in this man’s backyard and he turned to the internet to ask “What is this?” The large unnaturally spherical object seems to be over a foot in diameter and embedded more than halfway in the ground, with perimeter of dirt giving the impression of an impact in the grassy yard. He gets a close and clear shot showing what very much looks like solid ice and metal fused together in a nearly perfect sphere.  

He shows the area above is clear sky with nothing that this strange object could have fallen from and then pans around to show his front yard looking otherwise normal.

Many comments suggest this could not have fallen from the sky because there would be an impact crater rather than dirt that just goes right up to the edge of the unexplained ball. Several also suggest it could be frozen sewage from a plane or something radioactive, although it is unclear why radiation would be suspected. Meteorites are not known to have any more radiation than terrestrial rocks and it’s not something commonly associated with alien crafts either.

There have been several recent reports of strange alien-like balls seeming to come from the sky itself, with Russia claiming to have even shot one down

Another weird aerial phenomenon that could be what we are seeing in this video is space junk, or debris from satellites or rockets that lost orbit and plummeted to earth. There have been several of these large round metal balls found over the past few years, in many different countries, which always cause much confusion upon discovery until a space organization claims credit and insists they are a kind of fuel storage tank and definitely not alien. Of course, not everybody is willing to believe them. 

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