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TikTok Spiritualist Wakes Up to Two Suns Hanging In the Sky

This is admittedly crazy.

The mystical belief in a second, hidden or emerging, sun is gaining popularity, and has been for the last decade or so. In part this is because of the revived interest in Mayan mythology and belief systems. The Mayan origin story of the world includes a story about two rival suns, formed from to gods, and their battle, which resulted in the loser becoming the “lesser” moon. Another proponent of the “two sun” idea is certain members of Christian eschatology groups, who have interpreted a variety of Bible verses and prophecies to mean that the end times will come soon when two suns are seen in the sky.

New Age groups are also very interested in the potential appearance of a second sun, as they believe that it foretells a time of great spiritual awakening, a literal enlightenment due to—well, to all that extra light.

This spiritual TikToker thinks he’s caught the first dual sunrise, and set it to some nice tai chi.


So what’s going on here? The clue might be in the way the sliding glass doors behind him are positioned. The glare from the left hand “sun” is visible just to the left of the second pane of glass, and the slight overlap may mean that the shimmer is due not to another celestial body, but rather because of the refraction angle of the panes of glass. Another possibility is that the tree outside the window is shading the light from the sun in the center of the window and you’re only seeing the spillover to the right and left.

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It’s a gorgeous video, but look in the sky right now. How many suns do you see?

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