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Try This "Twelve Days of Christmas" Wish Ritual For Yourself

I'm going to give it a go!
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The Twelve Days of Christmas is a time honored carol that does not necessarily make a lot of sense with the way we celebrate the holiday now. These days, many celebrants think of the Christmas season starting sometime in November and ending the day after Christmas, whereas traditionally (as well as in some sects of Christianity), Christmas begins on Christmas Day, then continues for twelve days, symbolizing the period of time between the birth of Jesus and the arrival of the Magi, on January sixth (called Epiphany).

You, too, can celebrate your own twelve days of Christmas ritual this holiday season, and you can do it without investing in dozens of birds as presents. Here’s how.

This can properly be called the Twelve Days of Wishmas, and this is how it works. First, think of thirteen wishes. Write each one down on a separate sheet of paper, fold them up, and put them in a jaw or bowl. After that, the method is simple.

Each day between Christmas and Epiphany, take a “wish” out of the jar and—without looking at it—burn it. After twelve days, there will be one wish left. This one you can look at. This is the wish for your year, and one that you are responsible for making come to pass. The other wishes are the universe’s job.

To supercharge this ritual, have a tarot or oracle deck to. Every night, when you burn your paper, choose a card froth deck. The first car you choose will give you a hint for what to think about, concentrate on, or prepare for January, the second for February, and so on.

Twelve magical nights to prepare for the new year!

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