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Find Out If You're Being Lied to With This Truth Spell

Listen carefully.

It is said that the truth only hurts for a little while, but a lie can hurt forever. This is because of deception’s unique and insidious ability to destroy not only your trust in the person lying to you, but also confidence in yourself for choosing to trust that person n the first place. When you first become aware of a person’s lies, you might twist yourself into logical knots, desperate to find some way that their lies are not what they so obviously are. You may become a detective, combing through every piece of evidence that backs up or refutes their lie. You may end up deceiving yourself, rather than accepting that you have been lied to.

You may, in fact, perform a magic spell in hopes of ferreting out the truth. And that’s where this video could come in handy.


For this ritual, take a candle (blue works best for this purpose), and carve the word “truth” into the side. Then, rub it all over with peppermint oil, and sprinkle some powdered ginger into the cavities made by your carving.

Next, wrap the candle in twine to represent the lies you are tangled in. Then, stand it up in a small container you’ve filled with salt, rosemary, and chips of the crystal lapis lazuli.

Now, light the candle, sit back, look, and listen. The truth will be come evident to you and those around you.

In the comments section, people have more advice, such as making sure to perform this spell on a Tuesday when the moon is waning, for maximum impact.