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Tricycle Filmed Mysteriously Riding Around On Its Own

How is this happening?

There seem to be two different types of people who comment on spooky viral videos. The first are the true believers, who are quick to claim nearly every unexplained happening is either a sign from God of the approaching End times or evidence of demons who walk the Earth. The second are the avowed skeptics, who are constantly looking for an angle to explain what it is that they are seeing, to claim that the entire thing is a prank, a hoax, or a con, even if there seems no obvious reason for the poster to be “conning” anyone.

Both kinds of comments are on display when it comes to this odd video of a child’s tricycle seemingly riding around on its own


In the video, which appears to be taken in a suburban neighborhood, a child’s trike is wheeling around on the street, stopping, then starting up again and heading off at a fast clip. So what gives? Is it wind pushing the pedals on its own? A remote control secretly responsible for its locomotion? A ghost kid out for a ride?

The clip is short, so hints are few. Most people think it’s some kind of remote control. Some enterprising folks in the comments think the tricycle, which seems to be of unusual construction, actually has back wheels that are made from a hoverboard. That would explain its maneuverability as well as its speed. There are many tutorials online that show how one could make a hoverboard work via remote control.

Besides, any well behaved ghost child would know to stay on the sidewalk.