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Triangle UFO Spotted Hovering in Sky in Lake County, Indiana

They're heeeeeeere.

“Flying Triangles” or “Black Triangles” are one of the more commonly seen types of UFOs. They’ve been reported all over the world for as long as folks have been reporting UFOs. The reports all bear a striking similarity: enormous, silent black triangular craft that hover mysteriously in the sky. They move slowly, with no visible means of lift or prolusion, and can also zip away at near-instantaneous speeds. Some have lights on the three points, some have those three and then a larger light in the center. Still others have running lights all along their sides. They like to show up at military bases or in populated areas, and just hang in the sky, as if observing whatever is going on down below.

Indeed, one of the most interesting facts about these types of UFOs is that they do not exhibit Andy cloaking ability or evasive actions.They don’t seem to care that we see them.

This sighting, in Indiana, is of a massive triangle with blue lights that appears to just be hanging in the sky. 


The family, driving along back roads, spotted the object through their car window, and filmed it for several minutes.

Some people, upon viewing this video, said it’s nothing more than holes in the clouds of the overcast sky, but they are remarkably even ones to form this perfect triangular shape, and the light shining through is very bright indeed.

Other skeptics say this is not an object with light shining down at all, but rather, reflections from the clouds of blue-tinged spotlights shining up on it.

What do you think?