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Connecticut Woman Captures Triangle Shaped UFO on Camera

What is it?

So-called “Flying Triangles” or “Black Triangles” are among the MVPs of the UFO world. They’ve been reported all over the world for as long as folks have been reporting UFOs, and in Connecticut, where this sighting takes places, since the early Cold War. The reports all bear a striking similarity: enormous, silent black triangular craft that hover mysteriously in the sky. They move slowly, with no visible means of lift or prolusion, and can also zip away at near-instantaneous speeds. Some have lights on the three points, some have those three and then a larger light in the center. Still others have running lights all along their sides. They like to show up at military bases or in populated areas, and just hang int eh sky, as if observing whatever is going on down below.

This sighting, in Connecticut, where these things are often documented, is in keeping with standard “black triangle” UFO behavior.


This one is floating nice and low over a city street. Connecticut is a particular hotbed for this type of UFO, with most reports coming in the eighties and nineties. Nice to see the triangles haven’t left town.

One of the true mysteries of flying triangle behavior is how brazen and unaffected they seem to be of being observed. These are not covert aircraft, high-technology spy planes observing what is going on. These things fly low, shine bright lights, move slowly, and don’t seem to care at all who photographs them.

Would spies do that? Or top-secret silent aircraft being tested by our own government? Seems unlikely. But then, who or what are they?